Massage time. Go in Stressed, Leave Revitalized.

Need an excuse to get a massage? We are giving you not one, but 6 reasons why you should book your next massage when you finish reading this blog article. What’s more, we are also profiling 3 of the most popular massages from Urban Massage, an on-demand platform where you can book home-based massages. No […]

morning habits

10 Morning Habits of Successful People

Successful people seize the day from the (very early) moment they wake up. A recent poll showed 18 out of 20 executives set a 6am (or earlier) alarm on weekdays. No snooze button addicts here. Whether you prefer getting up before the sun comes out or you prefer staying in bed, your morning habits set […]

The alternative workout: fencing

The Alternative Workout: Fencing

Last week we talked about Reformer Pilates as a new workout to look into. This week, we invite you into the world of fencing, the gentleman’s sport. Participation is on the up, says Sport England’s latest ‘Active People Survey’. We took a few minutes to speak with trainers Alan Grafton BAF and Patrick Clarke from Club des Artistes in Fulham, London, to share […]

the alternative workout: reformer pilates

The Alternative Workout: Reformer Pilates

We’re all pretty familiar with the gym, even if we’re not very good at paying it a visit as often as we should. For our latest issue of 15 Minutes, we decided to look at ways to shake up your workouts and make them a little more interesting and challenging. Enter Reformer Pilates. We know you may be […]

Staycation in Edinburgh

Staycation: UK Cities to Visit this Summer

Long weekend in Ibiza? Check. A few wild nights in Amsterdam? Check. How about a city break in the UK for a change? Here are three urban destinations on our own soil worth a visit this summer if you’re feeling like a staycation. EDINBURGH Who should go?: Whisky aficionados and culture vultures. See: Climb Arthur’s Seat for panoramic views over […]

the perfect summer cocktail: Pink G&T

Making the Perfect Summer Cocktails

Whether you’re at home or jetting off to warmer climes such as paradisiac island Ibiza, make sure you’ve got the perfect cocktail at hand. We’re not going to pretend we’re expert mixologists, we’re better at tasting rather than concocting, but our friends at Fever-Tree showed us how. By using only tonic water as a mixer, you […]


The Rise of Podcasts

Podcasts are here to stay and the quality of the humble audio show is now better than ever. With some 200,000 shows to choose from, how do you decide which ones to download for the long flight when you set off on your summer holidays or which series to keep you sane on your morning […]