A Guide to the Perfect Shave

  We’re often asked here at Cornerstone’s HQ for our best advice to get a smooth, comfortable shave. And even though we know every man out there has his own way, we’ve worked hard with expert barber Joe Easton from ManMade London on how to get the best shave possible. With only a few steps […]


Shaving Myths Debunked

When it comes to shaving we’ve all picked up a few bad habits and adopted some terrible advice over the years. Whether it was your father hastily giving a young you some tips with a face full of shaving foam or mates passing on their “expert” advice. For the millennials amongst us, it might have even been a […]

Cornerstone's new razor

A sharper blade means fewer cuts

At some time or other, most of us have fallen victim to cutting ourselves whilst shaving. What inevitably happens next is several minutes of toilet paper dabbing, desperately hoping that the blood dries before we have to rush out the house to work, followed by a day of feeling rather sheepish about the small cuts […]


Haircare 101

You probably wash your hair everyday first thing in the morning, without giving it much thought. However much like the skin on your face, your hair also needs some TLC. Here are our top tips for making sure your hair is as healthy as it can be. Moisturise your scalp This is crucial if you […]