Cornerstone razor and blades

Three Uses for Your Blunt Razor

We’ve said it over and over again – overusing your razor will only give you an uncomfortable shave. Even if you think you’re saving a bit of money, it’s only false economics. Blunt blades are more likely to irritate and cut your face, and you’ll have to invest in additional skincare products just to remedy […]

shaving 101

Shaving 101

  Shaving; a time-consuming chore or one of life’s little pleasures? If you chose the former, follow us back to basics for a shaving 101 that will speed up the process and introduce a sense of indulgence to the ritual that starts your day. Not only will you feel refreshed in the morning, but it might […]

Cornerstone's shave cream, which doesn't need a shaving brush

Why You Don’t Need A Shaving Brush

We’ve recently introduced our new shave cream and some of our members have asked us why we don’t use a traditional shaving brush. To put it simply, you basically don’t need one – and here’s why. Traditional shaving soap vs. our shave cream The shaving routine that your granddad used to follow probably included traditional shaving […]