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As a popular Topman Personal Shopper and Style Blogger, Sam Gray leads a pretty busy lifestyle which doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Putting together outfits for the stars whilst also running his extremely popular blog, he met up with us to discuss a bit more about what he does and gave his hints and tips when it comes to grooming.

How do you kickstart your own mornings?

The first thing I do is drink two huge glasses of water. I’m really bad at keeping hydrated during the day and know how important this is to maintain good skin and a healthy body. It’s also the last thing I do before bed. I then hop in the shower, exfoliate my skin with a good face scrub and finish off with a moisturiser once I’m back out. I only tend to shave a couple of times a week as I don’t mind rocking a bit of stubble every now and again, I’m relatively low maintenance, but understand that a good basic grooming routine can work wonders.

What’s your top grooming tip?

The market is full of products all claiming to be great for you, however, I’ve found that throughout the years, I’ve tried many different moisturisers and it’s helpful to stick with one. it’s almost like a journey, you find one that really works well with your skin, whether it’s oily, normal or dry. I’d say it’s also great to have a simple and easy routine that covers all bases: a face wash to cleanse your skin, a toner to wipe away blackheads and a moisturiser to set your skin up for the day ahead.

What can a customer do better to help you prepare their personal shopping experience?

It’s always helpful when people send me a brief of what they’re looking for, as I’m able to pre-pull a number of different looks for them to try, and can do my research beforehand. It’s a bonus when clients send me images of outfits they like, as everyone has a different understanding of what ‘smart-casual’ means. The main thing for me is that they trust your advice, so by giving anything a go, you can build them a whole new wardrobe of things they may not have picked out before, but leave loving!

Tell us about yourself, what made you become a personal shopper?

I’ve always enjoyed styling myself and think that personal style can say a lot about a guy. Funnily enough, I don’t have a huge background in fashion and actually started out at drama school, training as an actor. My friends have always come to me for styling advice and when it came to graduating, I thought I’d try a different career path. It’s always been drilled into me that first impressions count and personal style is a big part of that. Being a personal shopper is a great way to share what I’ve learnt with other people who may not be as confident in what to wear, or who want that extra special shopping experience.

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