Fashion: Key trends for Summer 2017

When the weather takes a nice turn you want to make the most of it. With trends coming and going, it’s always nice to know what you’re cottoning on to. This summer it’s all about loose shapes and bold stripes; no longer are we interested in the skin tight, form fitting silhouettes that once dominated […]


The Art of Bespoke Fashion

Bespoke fashion is on the rise – and it’s no surprise why. Whilst it’s great to take advantage of the lower cost of off-the-peg shirts, the sad truth is that the majority of us struggle to find the perfect fit. Ever tried on a shirt where the sleeves are too long but the waist fits nicely? […]

leather shoes tips and tricks

Leather Shoes; Tips & Tricks

We should all treat our leather shoes the same way we treat our skin. Leather is essentially skin after all, and as tough as it can be, it still needs good attention and routine to be well looked after and protected. However, unlike our skin which naturally self-repairs, shoes don’t – at least not in […]


The Benefits of Bespoke Shirts

Tailored-made fashion is now on the rise, leaving behind off-the-rack shirts to embrace personalization and pieces that will last a lifetime. Menswear journalist Andrew Whitty, in partnership with Santamaria Shirtmakers and Cornerstone, understands the benefits of bespoke shirts and thinks you should too. It’s About Quality Not Quantity If the history of fashion was defined […]

Autumn Style trends

Autumn Style Trends

Whilst the weather has been playing tricks with us and helping us forget that Autumn is here, fashion says something different. It’s time to start updating those wardrobes for the new season. Here are 4 easy trends you can tap into by adding just a few items to your existing wardrobe. Minimalism Everyone’s favourite excuse […]

Style essentials

Summer style essentials

Each season brings new style essentials, but what do you do when you don’t want to become a slave to fashion, especially when certain trends don’t suit everyone? We recently spoke to Rachelle from Mallzee, (a shopping app that notifies you when items of clothing you’ve favourited have dropped in price), to find out how we can mix our classic pieces with a […]

A Men’s Guide to Any High Profile Sporting Event

  While most men attending a social summer sporting event know that although the prestigious and outlined spectator dress codes have become more relaxed they shouldn’t go ignored, but rather adapted for the times. Most men do not want to be seen as a dapper disaster, either over-dressed or worse, under-polished. Since these world-famous spectacles […]