Why You Don’t Need A Shaving Brush

Cornerstone's shave cream, which doesn't need a shaving brush

We’ve recently introduced our new shave cream and some of our members have asked us why we don’t use a traditional shaving brush. To put it simply, you basically don’t need one – and here’s why.

Traditional shaving soap vs. our shave cream

The shaving routine that your granddad used to follow probably included traditional shaving soap and a brush. Here’s the trick; traditional soap is very hard to lather with only your hands, which is why the brush was brought into the equation. The role of the brush is thus, to absorb hot water that is then mixed into the soap. By twirling the brush with the soap, you achieve a dense, thick lather that you can use to shave. If you were to only use your hands, you’d probably end up with a runny cream that won’t give you a smooth shave. Hence, you do need a shaving brush if you’re using traditional shaving soap.

The good news is that our new shave cream has been formulated slightly different and is the modern version of traditional soap. As such, you can simply use your hands and a bit of water to achieve the consistency needed for a great shave. This will ensure you don’t waste time trying to lather up soap!

Use a shave scrub for the exfoliating benefits of a shaving brush

The second function of the shaving brush is to exfoliate your skin and lift your facial hair to get that close shave you’re after. However, a better alternative is using a shave scrub, especially if it’s microbead-free. A pre-shave scrub is better at removing dry skin cells and other impurities to ensure the razor glides smoothly over your skin. It will also soften and lift your facial hair in preparation for the shave. The added benefit is that it will take care of any ingrown hairs, something a brush sadly can’t do.

The best part is that you first apply your scrub, exfoliate your skin and then wash all the nasty bits off. With traditional soap and a brush, even if you do soften your stubble, all the dirt will stay there for your razor to remove. And this makes it difficult for the razor to slide smoothly as it will probably clog along the way. Meaning thus, more time wasted when you could have a smooth shave in only a few minutes.

Stick to fewer products

Taking care of your skin whilst shaving means you’ll want to use a pre-shave scrub to prep your skin, a shave gel or cream to ensure your razor glides smoothly, and a post-shave balm to close your pores and re-hydrate your skin. Why add any other unnecessary products to the mix? Our shave gel doesn’t lather, so it naturally doesn’t need a brush. Our shave cream, on the other hand, lathers well in your hands with only water, so you really don’t need a brush either. Stick to the only products you really only need, and you’ll have a simpler process that saves you money and time.

So there you have it, our reasons for not developing a shaving brush. Would you still opt for a shaving brush? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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