Movember Styles to Avoid

Here at Cornerstone, we warmly welcome Movember each year – it raises money for a good cause and gets men talking about an important issue, but that said, it also encourages a broad range of pretty awful wiry tangle brushes to suddenly become socially acceptable. Instead of pointing you in the direction of some finely executed ‘taches’, this year, we’re going to go the preventative route, to discourage you, men of Britain, from cultivating any of these follicles of folly.


Sorry, but beards are for your face, nowhere else – no matter how low the mercury drops, there is no excuse for a neckbeard. Yes, it may keep you warm, but that’s what a scarf is for; all a neck beard achieves is disguising your jaw line, and therefore inadvertently causing your chin to double in size to the casual onlooker.


Soul Patches 

What does the tiny soul patch achieve? Not much. If you’re going to dabble in the world of facial hair, it is essential to commit wholeheartedly or not at all. The small tuft of hair found loitering in the mid-chin region simply looks like a shaving error, a stray patch of hair that the razor missed. Avoid.


Wiry Tanglebrush

Unless you’re Freddie Mercury, a cookie-duster is a no go: no one wants what looks like an industrial broom head dangling from their upper lip. You’re better than that. We believe in you.


Designer Stubble Facial Hedgemaze

Many have seen the designer stubble look as an appealing compromise, to show both masculinity and neatness, keeping a beard short but visible. Now look at this image. If we need to tell you what’s wrong with it, perhaps you’re beyond help.


Here at Cornerstone we’re encouraging everyone to participate in Movember, but in a stylish way that won’t have others running for the hills each time your new facial accessory appears.

Please beard responsibly.

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