Our New Razor – Your Questions Answered by Our Founder, Oliver

Cornerstone new razor

Listening to our members has always been the most important thing at Cornerstone, which is why I was so proud to introduce our brand new razor. The team and I developed it in response to members’ feedback and it features all those extras our members asked for – a trimmer blade, better spacing to avoid clogging and a reworked handle for a better grip. We’ve been so pleased with the great response to our new razor  – I hope you’ve had a chance to give it a go. Amongst all the enthusiasm, we have noticed that there were a few common questions, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to give you all the details.

When will I receive my new razor handle?

You will receive your new razor handle automatically, free of charge, with your next order of blades if you’re an existing member, and your first order of blades if you’re new to Cornerstone.

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Will it be engraved? And with what initials?

Your new handle will be personalised with the same initials as your original handle. If you didn’t select any initials then your new handle will be not be engraved. If you’re not sure what those initials are, keep an eye out for your order notification email. This will include all your order details and give you a chance to update your initials.

New members will be able to select the initials they would like engraved on their razor during the signup process.

Is the handle compatible with our original blades?

Our new handle is not compatible with our original blades, but the set of new blades accompanying it will fit perfectly.

Will you replace the extra handles I ordered?

We will replace all the extra handles you purchased as part of your shave plan at the same time we send your first new razor. If we can’t fit them in your shave plan delivery, they will be sent out at the same time, in a separate sturdy envelope.

Myself and the team are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new razor – do let us know what you think.


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