Regaining Shape

Christmas is over and you’re starting to resemble a pig in blanket more than you care to admit. It’s time to get back in shape before summer and get rid of those extra pounds. We can’t turn you into an Adonis (that’s up to you) but we can tell you how.

Set Goals
First and foremost you need to set a goal; whether it’s ridding yourself of the couple of roast potato induced pounds you’ve gained, or looking to tone up in time for summer. It’s much easier to change when you know what you want and when you want it by, rather than just thinking ‘I want to look better’, that won’t get you anywhere.
The weather is miserable and it’s still dark in the mornings – hardly motivational, but January is the prime time to start getting fit. Why? Because right now gyms and training camps are looking for people like you; subscription costs are low and they often have detox and New Year training programmes available. If that isn’t for you, set your own target, like sign up for a marathon and tell everyone, it’s much harder to back out that way – no one likes a quitter.
Try Something New
Try something different, whether it’s taking up a class, signing up for the likes of Tough Mudder or trying a whole new sport – your body needs to be challenged. Otherwise a few months in and you’re body will adjust; your weight loss will plateau and suddenly that 5 mile run won’t be doing anything for you. So keep upping and changing your workouts.
Eat Clean
Eating clean isn’t about dieting; we’ve no time for fad-diets. Instead it’s about cutting the processed sugar, losing the refined carbs and eating lean proteins, lots of vegetable, fruits and good fats. Increasingly restaurants are tapping into this and many offer detox menus so you don’t have to give up on going out either. You can also cut out a whole host of calories by joining the growing Dry January trend. If starting the year totally sober is too much to handle, then swap to spirits such as vodka and gin which are low calorie or red wine which has anti-oxidants.
It’s easy to hide under another jumper but ditch it, follow this guide and come summer you’ll thank us.

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