The Importance of Using Face Scrub

There was an era when a man using face scrub was deemed to be metrosexual, even girly – thankfully, we’ve moved on from that. Here at Cornerstone, we believe that having clear, healthy skin is a key part of any man’s appearance — that’s why we have face scrub as an essential component in our shaving range. <

Our scrub is blended with men’s skin in mind. Charcoal is known to be an effective cleanser — for example, it is used to purify drinking water — so we wanted to give it a leading role in our product, and that’s why it takes on a grey/black colour. We also blended in fine volcanic sand grains to provide a gritty, slightly abrasive texture which helps release ingrown hairs, remove any dead skin cells, and clear pores of dirt and debris — not only does give cleaner, smoother skin, but it also contributes towards a more comfortable shave as there are no bumps for your razor to catch on. Lastly, we enriched the blend with cedarwood oil to help condition and soothe the skin — helping to avoid any soreness or irritation.

So how do you use it? Well we suggest you take a shower, get your beard area damp and then gently rub in a blob of scrub to help release any ingrown hairs before shaving, slowly building up to daily use as your skin gets used to it. Every few days, you can then gently apply to your nose and forehead to help clear those areas of any pore blockages or dead skin too.

You should notice the effects within a few days — fewer shaving cuts and clearer skin. Now, that’s hardly girly is it?

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