#WednesdayWoes: Choosing The Right SPF Moisturiser

What better time to broach the subject of SPF moisturisers than now? As we’re currently experiencing a heatwave which puts us on par with Mediterranean countries weather-wise, there’s no time like the present to bring out the SPF moisturiser.

Admittedly, we men can get very lazy when it comes to our daily grooming routine but we can’t stress enough the importance of using a moisturiser with SPF-preferably with factor 30 at the least. The SPF moisturiser will not only make sure your skin is kept hydrated but it will also reduce the risk of skin cancer and sunburn. It also acts as a great anti-aging skincare product, minimising UV photo damage which is a big cause of premature skin aging.

We’ve been particular fans of these SPF moisturisers for a while so we thought this was the perfect time to share them with you- but remember you should ideally be using these throughout the year, not just during the summer!

Perricone MD Photo Plasma SPF 30


Possibly the most light-weight SPF moisturiser we’ve ever used! It protects from both UVA and UVB rays whilst also acting as an anti-oxidant.
The best bit about this moisturiser is that it is mineral based, the titanium dioxide is the key sunscreen ingredient which makes this such an effective SPF moisturiser.

Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 50

This SPF moisturiser from Dermalogica is great if you’ve already got visible sun pigmentation marks and want to combat them as the peptides in this clever potion help regulate melanin production whilst still hydrating the skin.

Clinique For Men SPF 21 Moisturiser

This is a great every day moisturiser that leaves your skin soothed and hydrated. We especially like using this during the colder months when we don’t get to see much sunlight!

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