#WednesdayWoes: Razor Burn

Do you tend to hit snooze a few too many times and as a consequence rush your morning shave, skip a few steps and end up with an uncomfortable sting?

If this sounds all too familiar then we’re here to help make razor burn a thing of the past.

The thing with avoiding problems like razor burn is that changing up the products you use isn’t the whole answer, technique is just as important. To make sure you end up with a smooth, comfortable shave you want to make sure you’re showering before you shave, or at the least shave whilst in the shower. If showering is just not an option (perhaps you’re in a rush) then the next best thing would be to soak a flannel in warm running water and place that over your face for a few minutes – mind it’s not too hot though, otherwise a razor burn won’t be your only problem.

The warm water will not only allow you to get a super squeaky clean face (opening up the pores to get a deep clean) but it will also – and most importantly- soften your facial hair, prepping it for the imminent shave. This will make it easier for your razor to cut each hair, giving a closer and more comfortable shave. Make sure to couple this with a good quality shave gel (to protect your skin), not shaving agains the grain and a fresh blade. A sharp razor is a must! That’s because the sharper the blade, the fewer times you need to pass it over your face to get a smooth finish and that means less skin irritation – after all, this is razor sharp metal we’re talking about here.

Your last step should be to rinse and apply a soothing post shave balm to replenish your skin’s natural moisture – dryness and discomfort are closely linked. So there you have it, a solution for razor burn. Next time you consider hitting snooze on your alarm, remember – those extra few minutes to shave properly is time well invested.


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