Why You Shouldn’t Shave Against the Grain


Is it OK to shave against the grain? We hear this question a lot and our advice is always the same – avoid shaving against the grain. Whilst we appreciate that shaving against the grain does give you a super close shave, it’s certainly not one of the most comfortable!

Here are the two main reasons why you shouldn’t shave against the grain.

1. Skin Irritation

Shaving against the direction of stubble growth may give you a super close shave at the time, but it will likely cause skin irritation in the form of razor burn or rash lasting for a good few days- much longer than the super close shave it initially gave you.

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2. In-Grown Hairs

By going against the grain you actually cut hairs too short which means they’re more likely to grow back under the skin, causing inflammation and shaving spots.


By shaving in the direction of your stubble growth the razor shouldn’t drag or pull on your face. Plus, if you’re looking for a super close shave, simply make a second pass, again with the grain, and follow that with a final pass with your razor at right angles to your stubble growth. This will give you a super close shave without the added pain of skin irritation and in-grown hairs.

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