Your Weekend in Paris: How to Best See the City of Love


There’s no better time to visit the city of love: the sun is still shining, yet there’s a chill in the air that makes it perfectly acceptable to get up close and personal with your better half. The summer holidays are a thing of the past, meaning the crowded streets filled with children charging around wearing Mickey Mouse ears have been replaced by beautiful fashionistas nonchalantly perusing Parisian boutiques. There’s never been a more perfect month to sweep her away to Paris and earn some brownie points before the football and rugby seasons get properly underway. Here are our top tips:
Whisk her away in a Horse and carriage:
You’re sure to woo her with this ultimate romantic gesture. Hop on a horse and carriage and explore Paris’s stunning architecture whilst nestled under piles of blankets. You can glide past the iconic Eiffel Tower, down the Champs-Elysees and around the Arc de Triomphe in record time — ensuring there isn’t a weary limb in sight, which means more energy for other activities…

 Get your hands dirty: 
Here’s your chance to turn the split of domestic duties on its head and make a real impression. Try your hand at cooking some traditional Parisian recipes at Atelier des Sens – ranked as one of the three best French cooking schools. Their 2-4 hour classes take place at various locations around the city, and allow you to devour your creations with a glass of two of French’s finest grapes. Plus, if you reserve a spot on the pastry class, you’ll be able to whip up pain au chocolat on a regular basis — you surely can’t wrong with that.
Do like the French do; avoid the Moulin Rouge:
She’s probably seen the film, now she’ll want to see the live show, but for a taste of the beautifully elegant burlesque culture that is synonymous with the city, do as the Parisians do and head to the opulent 8th district and head for the Crazy Horse. Don’t fear, this is not some sleazy back street club that will leave you in the dog house just for suggesting it. This is an unapologetically chic hangout with a graceful troupe that easily relegates the Moulin Rouge into second place in the dance stakes. The ticket price is also easier to stomach, so you can afford a pair of crisp cocktails to complement the entertainment.
Gentlemen, this selection of hidden surprises is just the tip of the iceberg — we’ll leave it to you to devise a further handful of innovative excursions  to turn your trip from Paris into something truly memorable. The best of luck!


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