15 Minutes with Neil Thornton

In the latest issue of our 15 Minutes magazine we sit down with Neil Thornton – the blogger behind thescienceofappearance.com – to delve into his grooming routine and find out what his top grooming tips are.

CS: So Neil, talk us through your morning routine.

NT: I tend to splash some water on my face, followed by applying SPF cream and eye cream. Some days I might use a face moisturiser too. If you’re pressed for time though, opt for a dual face moisturiser with SPF. I personally really like the La Roche Posay SPF moisturisers – they’re light and non-greasy, perfect for the warmer days.

CS: Do you have a different routine in the evening?

NT: I have to admit, my evening routine is a little longer. I’ll make sure to wash my face with a deep cleansing face wash followed by a face scrub, although I’ll only use this every other day. It’s just a great way to help release ingrown hairs – the grittier the scrub the better. I’ll finish off by using a moisturiser and eye cream.

CS: Take us through your beard care.

NT: I like to have a little facial hair so every once a week or so, I’ll use a shaver with a comb to trim my beard. If I’ve got an event to go to and need to make a little more effort I’ll go for a traditional razor shave, making sure I always shower before shaving. I’ll also always use a face scrub before I start shaving so as to eliminate razor bumps.

CS: Do you spend much time on your hair?

NT: Not at all, moist days I just go for a little pomade for some texture. The best ones will add texture but won’t look solid or shiny.

CS: Finally, what would you say was your signature scent?

NT: My aftershave doesn’t tend to change with the seasons, but it does change between night and day. During the day I go for something a little lighter such as Dunhill Icon. For the evening though I’ll opt for L’Eau D’Issey Homme by Issey Miyake – it’s a slightly more intense scent – perfect for the evening.

Neil’s Ultimate Grooming Tips

  • Keep it simple – face wash, face scrub and moisturiser are your three key morning and evening products.
  • Make the time – to address razor burn, ingrown hairs and other shaving related problems, make sure you’re not rushing your shaving routine. Remember showering before shaving is key.
  • Take pride – do it for yourself.
  • Hair-wise, always go for a cut that suits your face shape and hair texture and make sure you use someone who has plenty of experience of cutting men’s hair.
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