5 Ways to Look Great at Your Next Event

Whether you’re heading to a family party, a friends dinner party or a sophisticated networking event, you should always be aiming to look your best and go the extra mile to present yourself the best possible way. From cleansing to making sure those shoes are shined, we’re on hand to help with the nitty-gritty of looking great for your next event.

Dress Sharp

It’s been said that clothes speak the international language, dress for your personality but always make it a style statement. Tone it down and go understated, a nice dark navy or grey pinstripe suit is perfect, spice it up with an open collar pink shirt and you’ll be raring to go.

Have a Killer Smile

When meeting friends, family or having a potential networking situation, be sure to keep your breath fresh. No one likes speaking to someone with coffee or cigarette scent on their breath, it’s unflattering and can be rather off-putting. Great news for you though, we will soon be releasing our very own fresh oral health products, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Look Suave With a Clean Shave

Although beards are very popular, it’s been said that the trend is on it’s way out as they have become far too common and fashionable, therefore your next event could be the chance to get a clean shave with our precision engineered razor! Roll up with a clean shave and stand out from the bearded crowd. Don’t forget to lather up with our shave cream, it’s filled with quality ingredients to make sure your skin is refreshed and ready for your event!

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Make Sure You Stay Fresh

Now that you’re superbly groomed it’s time to take care of your body scent. No one wants to be chatting with a un-fresh family member or potential future business interest at a networking event. After your shower, prepare your body with our new Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. It’s compressed and designed to give you 48-hours protection. Remember to shake well before use to make sure that all of the ingredients to protect your underarms are mixed together.

Shine Those Shoes

Would you buy a cheap car that always breaks down or invest more in a car that lasts longer and needs minor repairs? Shoes are one of those pieces of clothing that broadcast what kind of guy you are, so a good pair of shoes could make or break a relationship. Keep on top of them by giving them a good shine before your next event and wow the crowd!

(And one for good luck) Present Yourself In a Confident Manner

When attending an event, you’re there to meet people or catch up, so ooze confidence and project positive body language, you’ll reap the rewards as such. Stand tall, shoulder back and speak to people, you look and feel great so why not show it? Don’t be arrogant, rude or disrespectful, however. Just enjoy yourself, catch up with friends and family or make those contacts!

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