7 things you don’t know about Cornerstone

Startup life means there’s a lot going behind the scenes here at Cornerstone HQ. So to give you a better insight into the business and our products, here are seven things you may not know about Cornerstone.

1. Our Pre-Shave Face Scrub doesn’t contain any microbeads.

Microbeads are nasty plastic pebbles that are commonly used in toothpaste, scrubs, face washes, etc. Despite their benefits at exfoliating your skin (and teeth), they pose great problems to the environment. Due to their small size, microbeads are not treated correctly in water treatment plants and end up in the sea where fish eat them – some even develop an addiction to them. What’s worse, the fish you eat may have eaten some of them, and since microbeads act as small absorption sponges taking in all toxins around them, we’d say it’s best to stay clear of them. Our face scrub doesn’t contain any microbeads and uses natural volcanic sand from Haiti instead, so you’re in safe hands.

2. Our products are not tested on animals (and neither are their ingredients).

Given the amount of scientifically-proven methods for developing and testing cosmetics, we believe there’s no need to use animals in the process. Non-animal methods have been proven to be as effective, if not more, when compared to their animal-based counterparts. Instead, the Cornerstone team tests all of the products to ensure we only offer the best ones possible.

3. Most of our products are vegan friendly

PETA suggests thousands of animals are slaughtered every year for the development of cosmetic products. So, with the exception of our post-shave balm which contains honey for that soothing effect, we decided that none of our products would contain any products derived from animals. We prefer going for natural and safe ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, ginger extract or even cedarwood.

4. None of our products contain alcohol

Simple alcohols like methanol or ethanol are a big no for your skin as they can leave your skin feeling super dry once applied. It can damage your skin’s protective outer layer, strip it from its moisture and dehydrate it. That’s why we would never recommend using an aftershave with that sting-y feeling; that’s the alcohol acting up on your skin. To hydrate and soothe your skin after shaving, always go for a product without alcohol that will actually help you restore your natural moisture levels.

5. None of our products contain SLSs

Contrary to what you may think, plain old soap is not good for your skin. One of its common components, SLSs (Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) can virtually leave your skin with no moisture at all, especially if you already suffer from sensitive skin. Only our shave cream contains soap – but not any of SLSs ingredients – so you can get that lathering effect.

6. Our packaging is recyclable and BPA-free

Our packaging is made out of recycled materials and as such, it is also recyclable. But what’s more, the tubes in which you receive your skincare products are also free of BPAs, artificial chemicals commonly used but that have been proving to self-transfer into the food or skincare products they contain.

7. There’s a lot of high-tech behind our razor blades

You may know that we’ve recently introduced our new and improved razor blades. They now have all the features you asked for, including a trimmer blade and better spacing between the blades to avoid clogging. But what’s impressive is how the Japanese steel is transformed into the ultra-sharp blades. To harden the steel, it’s exposed to drastic changes in temperature after which the edges are soften and ground to the optimal shape for hair cutting. The blades are then coated with diamond-grade carbon to protect them from micro-corrosion, ensuring long-lasting sharp blades that offer a comfortable shave.

Do you have any questions about Cornerstone behind the scenes? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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