8 Ways to Not Get Sick This Winter

1. Fight the cold with Vitamins

Your Vitamin levels may begin to run low in the winter so it’s best to be stocked up with supplements. A good Multi-Vitamin can really make the world of difference and fortunately for you, Cornerstone is soon to be releasing our very own Daily Energy Boosting Multi-Vitamins. They are an expertly blended combination of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients including Vitamins C, D3 and B12, Magnesium, Iron and Riboflavin to support your immune system, metabolism and energy levels during the cold winter months.

2. Keep your hands to yourself

Unless you wear gloves all day, every day, then we recommend keeping your hands off your face. It’s been said that people who occasionally touch their eyes and nose during the winter are 41% more likely to develop frequent infections than those hands-off folk.

3. Did someone say Green Tea?

Forget the Flat White or Espresso and down some green tea during the winter. Its magic ingredient (epigallocatechin gallate) can damage the influenza virus particles and stop them from entering your system, a German study reveals. Scientists also believe this ingredient may, in fact, interfere with bacteria that contributes to Pneumonia, so drink as much green tea as you like, we recommend a good old cup of Twinnings Green Tea.

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4. Train after your Jab

According to a study in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, exercising after a flu-jab can actually increase your bodies response to the virus in the vaccine. That, in turn, returns a greater, more powerful response to future infections.

5. Sweat Out a Cold

Doing light exercise can cut your risk of catching a cold by 27%, according to Korean researchers report. Working out instantly switches on your immune response and if you’re already ill, Keep exercising! Exercise stimulates the production of epinephrine, which constricts blood vessels in and around your mucous membranes and can relieve nasal discomfort.

6. Don’t forget Eucalyptus

Menthol is always a go-to, but don’t forget to show eucalyptus some love. Studies show that cineole (a compound found in eucalyptus) can help ease your cough, possibly by reducing inflammation and helping the bronchi in your lungs expand, increasing airflow as a result.

7. Wash Your Hands, Old Sport!

It takes a good wash with hot soapy water to actually get a virus off your skin. Take 20 seconds at the sink and thoroughly dry to end. This is important as wet hands are more likely to spread germs than dry ones.

8. Honey can be a real lifesaver!

That green tea we recommended… Here’s your sweetener. Studies found that when the strep throat bug were treated with manuka honey, the bacteria count fell by up to 85%! Also, it just feels really good when you’re ill and take honey, right?!

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