The Alternative Workout: Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is the new on-trend workout, with boutique studios popping up all over the country. But why indoor cycling you may ask? When most people think of spin classes they conjure up images of dingy leisure centers with an un-inspiring instructor barking commands to a background of dated pop music or those dreaded 90s rock anthems! Banish these visions from your mind, as we sit down with Jack Jefferson, BOOM Cycle instructor and sport & exercise science specialist, to change your impression of indoor cycling forever.

Modern indoor cycling classes are all about bikes, beats and the boom. They are a class on a bike but offer so much more than your conventional classes lead by a virtual trainer. For starters, there are trendy, beat-grooving, move-busting motivational instructors with big personalities that will keep you coming back for more. The studios are dark, motivating you to pedal that bit faster or ride to the beat of the music. You can even add a basic choreography and weights to keep things interesting whilst you get a full body workout. They may just be as good as a night out on the tiles, but with the added bonus of no hangover!

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It’s intense, it’s fun and it’s a pretty good workout. Cleated shoes attach you to the pedals and allow you to both push and pull, ensuring a full leg workout (hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps are all engaged). But these classes don’t just focus on the lower body, they also integrate presses, dumbbells and core exercises to make sure no muscle gets left out.

Each bike is equipped with a resistance dial which ensures that workouts are tailored to both your ability and your current energy level. This means both a first-time rider and an Olympic athlete can take part in the same class and have an equally challenging workout. Crank it up for increased results!

Indoor cycling not only helps you improve your cardiovascular fitness level but because of its low impact, it’s great for both rehabilitation and for mixing things up whilst training for big events such as a marathon, as it gives the joints a rest from pounding the pavements. Indoor cycling is a great full body workout, so for ultimate performance, remember to refuel those muscles with a good balance of fats, protein, and carbs.

Don’t forget … Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before and after your class and if you’re new to indoor cycling, make sure you ask your instructor to set up your bike correctly for you

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