Around The World in Five Steaks

Welcome to the world of steaks- ever wanted to know the difference between Wagyu and Argentinian ribeye steak or bavette and rump steak? Fear not, our steak expert Antonia Oliver from Market Porter is here to teach us about the different steaks around the world. Warning: this may lead to a trip to your local butchers.

Steaks- Wagyu

Japan : the Wagyu sirloin

Wagyu translates as “wa” meaning Japanese, and “gyu” meaning cow. This iconic breed are infamous for their incredible creamy fat marbling, said to be higher in mono-unsaturated fat than other breeds. Melt-in-the-mouth and arguably healthy? Yes please. Ifor Humphreys from Montgomeryshire in Wales feeds his Wagyu herd 4 pints of beer a day and treats them to a massage à la the Kobe beef treatment… alright for some…

Steaks- ribeye

Argentina : the ribeye steak

The Holando-Argentina breed is arguably the favourite for steak-houses in the UK. You’ve guessed it,  introduced into the Pampas region of Argentina from the Netherlands, they flourished on the nutrient-rich grasslands produced by the South American rainfall and sunshine weather combo. Their grass diet contains good levels of Omega-3 fatty acids — good news for the ribeye steak, nicely-marbled for those who like their steak moist and flavoursome.

Steaks - Rump

Ireland : the rump steak

The finest Irish Angus steaks are from cattle reared on lush green Irish grass. They are a hardy breed with a calm temperament. A natural grass diet results in a lean yet buttery, melt-in-the-mouth rump steak with fantastic flavour, particularly when allowed to dry-age over 21 days.

Steaks - Bavette

France : the bavette steak

Where would we be without glorious steak frites?! The thrifty Bavette is best consumed in a little Paris bistro of your choice, but for those who can’t swing by, the Bavette is best cooked on a high dry heat and enjoyed medium rare. Pair with your favourite sauce and crispy fries.

Steaks - Tomahawk

USA : the tomahawk steak

Across the pond we have the king of steaks for you to gnaw on — the tomahawk. Named after its resemblance to the axe, is usually either BBQ or oven-roasted — if it fits in! Cut from the fore rib with bone French-trimmed and left in, the tomahawk really is the centre-piece of the table.

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