The World’s Wackiest Sport

At Cornerstone, we like to think of ourselves as being pretty progressive, but in our search for the world’s wackiest sports, we realised that there’s a whole world of weirdness out there that we know nothing about and that frankly,
scares us a little. Here are five of the wackiest sport in the world.

World's Wackiest Sport- Sepak Tekraw
  1. Club swinging

Let’s kick things off with what’s likely to be one of the oddest competitive sports ever. We say competitive, but it’s not clear how many people actually got involved in club swinging, which involved gracefully swinging two large bowling pins around in a routine worthy of a ribbon twirler. Club swinging appeared at the 1904 and 1932 Olympic Games, and then never again.

2. Buzkashi

This is the national sport of Afghanistan, and involves two teams on horseback attempting to wrestle a dead goat from each other, with the aim of throwing it over a goal line. Yes, really, and we guarantee there’s not a local club down the road where you can try this.

3. Extreme ironing

We’ll all agree that ironing per say is not a sport, unless you happen to be doing it at the bottom of the ocean, or on top of a mountain. Then it’s a sport. We might think Extreme Ironing is a joke, but trying telling that to its founder
Phil Shaw — you can call him ‘Steam’.

4. Sepak Takraw

Volleyball is hard enough, we know this from our school days, when if you were on the receiving end of a spike, you were for sure the one who just let your team down. For over 500 years, Sepak Takraw has been played in both Malaysia and Thailand, and revolves around a fairly standard game of volleyball, only you can’t use your hands or arms. Good luck.

5. Chess boxing

Chess boxing is exactly what it sounds like. Opponents battle it out in alternating rounds of chess and all-out boxing. The ultimate test of brains and brawn. Or maybe not.

World's Wackiest Sport- Chess Boxing
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