Condom Mistakes YOU Might Be Making

It’s such a basic statement to make, but condoms are the best way to prevent STIs and unexpected pregnancy. They give defence against HIV and are up to 98% effective against preventing pregnancy when used correctly. Still, using a condom could be harder than you think! Keep in mind the following points when reaching into your bedside drawer when the next session of hanky-panky kicks off.

  • Never, ever double wrap it

Rule number 1: using two condoms will not give you double protection! All this will do is make them more likely to tear, which would put you at increased risk of infection and pregnancy. Don’t fear; one is enough.

  • Always check the expiration date

Yes, condoms do indeed expire. Most can last for a few years, but some condoms with added lubricants or spermicide have a shorter shelf life. Because of this, it’s worth checking the label before you suit up!

  • There is a right and wrong way to put a condom on

We’ve all been there; you accidentally put the condom on upside-down where the rim is facing down instead of up! You’ll find that it won’t unroll that way so the simple thing to do is take it off and start again with a NEW condom (as this one could have pre-ejaculate on it). An imperative action to avoid potential STD or splitting!

  • Never re-use a condom

We are all for recycling, but everyone should draw the line here! What’s more, if you use a condom for all of your sexual endeavours: oral, anal or vaginal then you should change that condom every time as you run the risk of spreading an STI from one place to another (if the person is infected).

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