Cornerstone’s Guide to Perfectly Groomed Stubble

Wanting to turn your clean-shaven face into something a little more rugged, or have you decided to trim that mammoth beard down to more manageable, perfectly maintained stubble? Whether you’re looking for facial hair that’s easier to manage or you’re thinking of letting it grow a little, allow us to help you with our top tips to maintaining your perfectly groomed stubble. We want to make sure you look your best at all times so it’s important to work out if your face actually suits stubble before actually going for the look. And you need to be able to put the effort in to maintain it. Be honest with yourself – there’s nothing worse than seeing a poorly kept effort on someone whose face isn’t naturally suited to stubble. A patchy attempt is never a good look; just shave it clean.



If however you do decide to grow your stubble, shaping is imperative. If you’ve ever done Movember, we’re sure you’ll understand why we recommend shaping. We all grow hair at different rates on different parts of our faces. Some people will have hair high up on the cheeks, for example. You want to be able to control and maybe remove some of that growth so that it looks natural and tidy. Our tip for doing this is to not use shaving foam. Hear us out. Instead, use a shaving gel that produces little in the way of foam. You can now see precisely where you’re shaving, giving you an even look without wondering if you’re taking too much off or if you’re symmetrical. Did you know we do a non-foamy shaving gel? Funny how things work out like that…

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Maintaining Length

Hair grows, and it grows at different rates. The best way to maintain the length is to go over your stubble with an electric trimmer; this allows you to keep a decent length whilst not letting it spiral out of manageable control. You’ll have to do this every two to four days to make sure that stubble doesn’t become a full-blown beard, and the simple way to check you’ve done it correctly is to run your fingers over your stubble to ensure it’s even. If it’s not? Simply pass over the hair with a trimmer until it is.


Shave at Night

This final tip is just a little suggestion. Although we’d normally suggest shaving in the morning (it makes more sense, right?), we’d actually recommend shaving at night whilst you’re still in the early stages of growing and shaping your stubble. This not only gives you more time to sculpt your stubble exactly to your tastes, but it also allows your facial hair some time to settle, grow in a fraction and look just that touch less precise, making you look as if you’re naturally blessed with great facial hair.

If you’ve got any tips of your own make sure to share with us on Twitter @Cornerstone_HQ!

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