The Art of Bespoke Fashion

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Bespoke fashion is on the rise – and it’s no surprise why. Whilst it’s great to take advantage of the lower cost of off-the-peg shirts, the sad truth is that the majority of us struggle to find the perfect fit. Ever tried on a shirt where the sleeves are too long but the waist fits nicely? It’s this inconsistency that we’re talking about. It’s the simple things, like a nicely fitting suit, that can offer you a confidence boost. Arshad Mahmood, Master Tailor at Apsley Tailors, sat down with us to take us through the process of bespoke tailoring and their partnership with Crystal Palace Football Club.

What are the benefits of bespoke fashion?

Good tailoring changes how you feel. A classic bespoke piece will always give you a fantastic fit and look. It’s all in the details – a tailor-made piece can add a special degree of personality to your outfit. Spending the time to get to know a tailor is also a brilliant investment in you, your style and your comfort for the rest of your life.

What is the process of putting together an entire suit like?

Before taking any measurements, we work with each client to decide on the right fabric and cut. We recommend they start with a classic black, blue or grey suit. Once they know what fits and feels right, we can then be more creative with our fabric and style choices. We take over 30 measurements during each fitting – it’s paying the utmost attention to detail that sets apart a bespoke

We’ve heard that you worked with Crystal Palace on their Wembley outfit for the FA Cup Final. How was the experience?

We kicked off a partnership with Crystal Palace just as they were preparing for their first FA Cup Final in 26 years. Seeing the Pride of South London at Wembley was hugely exciting. We fitted each player individually before we chatted with them about the unique style quirks they might like to incorporate into their suit. They all wanted some input into the final design!

I’ll let you in on a little secret too: the time between signing on the dotted line and delivering the finished suits was less than three weeks. While every aspect of the team’s suits was perfect on their shining day at Wembley, for our pre-match photoshoot not all of the matching ties had arrived. The official photograph from the day shows only the front row of players wearing their red club ties – a point not missed by Crystal Palace’s ardent Twitter followers! Even when we posted a more recent shot of the players in their suits – this time, each wearing their tie – the jokes still came.

What should men keep in mind when getting dressed in the morning?

The act of getting dressed in the morning can be a striking indicator of a man’s mood and success during the hours to follow. If you feel confident in the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll look and feel confident throughout the day. Choose something that will allow you to feel your best and your day will automatically be off to a better start – and bespoke fashion is the way to get there!

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