How NOT to Shave

Cutting corners can have its advantages, but the trick is to know when it works in your favour and when it just simply doesn’t. We all know that shaving against the grain is a bad idea. When it comes to shaving it’s always better to take a few extra minutes to get the job done right- after all why wouldn’t you take a few extra minutes for yourself either in the morning or right at the end of a long, hard day? Plus, what turned out to be a quick 2 minute shave might end up being a few days’ worth of pain- shaving rash, cuts and razor bumps are no laughing matter, and definitely not worth the extra 2 minutes you saved yourself.
So if you’re wanting to avoid all of this, make sure you’re not doing any of the below whilst you shave.


1. Ignoring in-grown hairs

If you ignore in-grown hairs you’ll find it very hard to achieve a smooth shave, and it can even lead to the razor catching on the raised skin around the in-grown hairs. To combat them aim to use a microbeads-free face scrub one or two times per week prior to shaving in order to release them. Remember to use gently though, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Cornerstone's microbead-free pre-shave balm2. Dry Shaving

Ouch, is the first word that comes to mind when we hear of people dry shaving. Sure you’ll save yourself a little bit of time if you skip applying shave gel or cream, but trust us that shaving rash and red-raw skin won’t be much fun! Save yourself the (literal) pain and grab yourself a soothing shave gel or cream.

Cornerstone's sensitive shave gel
3. Using an old, blunt razor

We understand popping to the shops for razors can be annoying, especially when the only time we have to ourselves are those precious 15 minutes at lunch. But who wants to use those to queue at Boots for a pack of razors? However, making do with an old, blunt razor is not the answer.

how-not-to-shave-cornerstone.jpgMake sure you’ve always got fresh blades if you’re looking for a smooth, comfortable shave- your face will thank you for it – and put your old, blunt razor blades to good use with these tips.

4. Not hydrating your skin

So you’ve shaved and now you’re done, right? Wrong. If you do this then you’re missing a vital last step: re-hydrating your skin. Shaving can dry out and irritate your skin, so it’s essential you add back the lost moisture. A lightweight, soothing and refreshing post-shave balm will only add a few seconds to your shaving routine but it will have lasting benefits for your skin.

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