A Look into Cornerstone’s Eco-Friendly Shaving Products

Cornerstone's eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products are on the rise in the beauty industry and there are good reasons why. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and are demanding ethical products more often than ever. If you’re wondering why Cornerstone’s products don’t have microbeads or parabens and our vegetarian and vegan friendly, read up. We dive into the world of cosmetic products to show you what to look out for in your next shop so you only get the best.

Paraben Free

Parabens are chemicals widely used in cosmetics but also pharmaceuticals to prevent the flourishing of bacteria. Despite their usefulness, studies have shown that our bodies can store them for long periods of time. This poses large health risks including effects on hormones and male reproductive functions. Moreover, they’ve also been indirectly linked to the growth of malignant tumours and cancerous cells. To stay clear of them, look for products using natural alternatives such as organic acids.

Free of Microbeads

As we’ve recently written on our blog, microbeads are nasty plastic chemicals that you can find in a number of everyday products. This includes toothpastes, scrubs, soaps and many more. They may be small, but they can cause big problems. From polluting our oceans to creating addictions in some fish species that confuse them with high-energy nutrients, they are something to be wary of. They can also end up on your dinner plate after absorbing thousands of toxins that are then eaten by the fish you dine on. These are definitely a no for us as there are a number of natural alternatives. Instead, go for ingredients such as ground nutshells, sugar or volcanic sand.

No Animal Testing

PETA claims that every year millions of animals die due to cosmetics testing. Yet there are many non-animal testing methods available in today’s tech-savvy world, producing results with the same level of accuracy. To lessen the environmental damage and treat animals fairly, use cruelty-free products. At Cornerstone, we don’t test any of our products on animals.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

According to local authorities, each UK home produces around 1 tonne of rubbish per year. Recycling is a great way to ensure that objects that you no longer use are converted into products others can (re)use. The added benefit is the reduced waste in landfills, the conservation of raw materials, and the reduced consumption of energy and water. To lessen our environmental impact, we produce our packaging using recycled materials that in turn, are recyclable themselves. After you’ve used your box, be sure to either reuse it – a box can always come in handy – or do your part and chuck it in the recyclable bin.

Moreover, the packaging of our skincare products is also BPA-free. BPA is an artificial chemical used in containers of everyday products such as water bottles, cans or bottle tops. Studies have shown that BPA can self-transfer into the food or products it contains, with potential negative health effects. Research has associated BPA with increased blood pressure, asthma or neurological effects, amongst others. We think you’re better off staying away from them, that’s why none of our skincare product packaging contain BPA.


Now that you know which ingredients to look for and which ones to avoid, check out Cornerstone’s eco-friendly products here. Our products are eco-friendly and don’t contain artificial preservatives such as parabens and microbeads and we don’t test on animals. Our commitment goes beyond ingredients to also offer you recyclable and BPA-free packaging.

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