Fashion blunders to avoid this spring!

Spring – a time of unpredictable weather, and unpredictable fashion decisions. Steer clear of the following spring fashion blunders, and you should make it to shorts season without issue!

The wrong hat

We’re not talking about a Wallace and Gromit sequel here, although picking the wrong headgear could make you look a bit like the cheese-loving inventor! Spring signals the start of warmer days, and many guys like to change up their hat game accordingly.

Thanks to the popularity of Peaky Blinders, the flat cap has seen something of a renaissance recently – it’s a great piece to ordane your head with. Unlike the baseball cap, the flat cap is as at home with a suit as it is with jeans and a t-shirt, and flatters most face shapes. If you fancy introducing this British staple to your wardrobe, try to steer clear of wearing one with too many heritage pieces, such as tweed jackets or plaid shirts – you’ll wind up looking like Zak Dingle!

Light Joggers

We’re willing to bet that most guys have a pair of these in their dresser drawers – the soft, baggy material means they’re the perfect trousers for lounging around in. However, you should draw the line at wearing them outside!

Donning a pair of light-coloured sweats in the Spring is a recipe for disaster – once you get caught in an April shower, those splashes of water will quickly look very unflattering. 

If you can’t bring yourself to swap your comfy pants for some denim ones, then at least opt for a darker colour like black or navy that won’t show damp patches quite so visibly.

The Mankle

A free ankle is a beautiful thing – there’s nothing more freeing than the sensation of a summer breeze rippling against your ankles and legs. In Spring though, a flash of mankle can easily look out of place. If you don’t want your relatives popping socks on your Christmas list, then put those ankles away!

As well as looking daft in the cooler spring days, unleashing the mankle out of season is highly impractical, and can play havoc with your ability to thermoregulate. As with your wrists, there are a lot of blood vessels near the surface of the skin at your ankles: exposing them to an April shower will send your core temperature plummeting. You won’t look cool, but you’ll certainly feel it!

Clumsy Layering

Layering is one of the best ways to keep your outfits interesting without breaking the bank. But, if you get it wrong, you can end up looking more ‘michelin man’ than ‘fashion icon’. 

To steer clear of this, always layer from the thinnest to the chunkiest fabric, keeping lighter pieces closest to the skin. You should always consider the proportions of your clothes too – don’t attempt to cram an oversized shirt under a muscle-fit jumper. Once you’re dressed up, you should feel totally comfortable – your layers shouldn’t restrict your movement in any way.

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