Final Week Preparation Tips For The London Marathon

It’s the final week of preparations if you’re taking part in this years London Marathon. You may have had a solid training routine for weeks now, or you might have steadily worked your way up to a good pace to finish the race. Whichever way you have set yourself up for this exciting event, the last week’s prep is key as the marathon will be tough on your body. That’s why we’re here to encourage you to keep on top of your game, stay fresh, relaxed and have super energy going into the race on Sunday morning.

Remember, Start Your Mornings Fresh!

In the lead-up, we’d say it’s best to keep yourself feeling fresh, relaxed and in prime condition every day. Whether it’s before or after undertaking any strenuous exercise, long jogs or workouts, bounce out of bed ready to take the day by the scruff of the neck. Having a nice shower can really relax your muscles and set you up for a training session. This past week has seen us launch our brand new Energising Body Wash and 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Using quality products like these in your morning routine can really make you feel fresh, vibrant and ready for a long training session.

Eat the Correct Foods

When running such long distances, completely refuelling on the correct types of food is vital. Protein and carbohydrates are the places to look. Protein repairs and restores the muscles to prevent further muscle breakdown, carbs help with this also but work to replenish muscle energy stores so they’re ready to go again. Looking at foods like green vegetables, sweet potatoes, tuna and salad are the perfect things for refuel and recovery.

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Consider a Supplement

Marathon training can be a struggle, it’s hard work and takes effort, if you’re making a big change to your usual exercise routine it would be worthwhile considering a vitamin supplement. High-quality multivitamins pack one heck of a punch and contain many nutrients that can assist with energy levels, such as iron, magnesium and vitamin B12. What’s exciting is that in the coming weeks we’ll be releasing our very own Daily Multivitamins which contain all of these important nutrients and will help to maintain your energy levels from morning till evening!

Be Sure to do all of your stretches

You want to be flexible, bouncy and ready to undertake the battle you’re about to find yourself in. You’re preparing to run for 26.2 miles, therefore basic stretching is vital to avoid any unwanted strains or injuries. Pain and inflammation in your joints can also be common for runners, so (as with your daily supplements) it could be worth topping up your omega-3. This can help with tissue elasticity, joint motion and flexibility.

Prioritise Your Recovery and Taper Your Distance

It’s the final week, so instead of increasing the distance you’re running, take it back a step and taper your distance. You want to have as much energy as possible going into the day, so if you’ve been running 20 miles, drop it down to 15 for this last week. The key is rest and recovery, this is just as important as your training. Maybe (if you don’t already) buy a foot roller to help stretch your muscles and release pain and with all of that said, we’d like to wish you good luck and enjoy your final week of preparation for the London Marathon!

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