Male Grooming Hacks to Make Life Easier

Male Grooming Hacks

If you’re a regular visitor to our blog, you’ll see how seriously we take looking good. But we’re also of the opinion that good grooming doesn’t need to be over complicated or unnecessarily long.. If you’re pushed for time, or simply want some male grooming hacks, here are a few of our favourites to make it quicker and easier to look your absolute best.

Deodorant is a necessity for keeping perspiration at bay. We aren’t huge fans of wearing new shoes in. Two seemingly unrelated statements, but by using deodorant on your feet, you can help prevent those awful blisters that are seen as coming with the new shoe territory. Deodorant helps plug up moisture, creating less friction for your feet. Of course, less friction means fewer blisters.

Feeling a little worse for wear after one too many the night before? Whilst we can’t promise you’ll feel in tip-top shape the morning after your 6th tequila, we can definitely get you looking fresher. Applying a cold pack to your face for 10 minutes will help de-puff your face and eyes, making sure that even if you feel awful on the inside, you’ll look better on the outside.

If you’re unfortunate enough to nick yourself whilst shaving, don’t reach for the tissue paper immediately. Instead, put some Vaseline or lip balm on it to quickly stop the bleeding. Vaseline is trusted by boxers and fighters across the world to stop wounds during fights, so it will definitely hold up when called upon to clot a little shaving cut. And it looks a lot better than a face full of tiny torn-up tissue…

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Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. Sounds like something that shouldn’t be in a male grooming article. It’s the ingredient in eye drops that makes your eyes less red. That’s obviously a good thing that’ll make you look better when your eyes are red, but it’s not exactly a hack. However, if you’ve got a spot that’s bright red and you want to try and calm it down, use those eye drops and the tetrahydrozoline hydrochrolide will help with the redness, making it less noticeable that your skin is acting up.

So we’ve got a few hacks there that’ll speed up your grooming process and have you looking at your best when you otherwise might not. Are you using any of these right now, or have any more you’d like to share? Let us know @Cornerstone_HQ!


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