Hair Inspiration from Iconic Hollywood Superstars

Sometimes it’s easy to get into a style rut, especially when it comes to your hair. Why not take some hair inspiration from these iconic Hollywood superstars and spruce up your loo

Short Hair – George Clooney

George Clooney has been a mainstay on our screens for nearly 40 years, and over that time, he has kept his style relatively consistent: short, cropped, and little fuss. Nowadays, he has it slightly longer on top but still tight enough that if he wants, he can leave it without product and it’ll still look clean. If you opt to emulate his look but like a little bit of product, opt for a small amount of wax to leave your hair noticeably styled but not greasy or weighed down with product.

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Medium Length Hair – James Dean

james dean

Synonymous with cool for decades, it’s only natural his style has influenced those who have watched his performances. For those with slightly longer hair (but not unruly), a piece of dry wax put through the hair then blow-dried up and away from the scalp gives a quiff that looks natural; if you want a more styled, waxy look, simply add a bit more wax through the hair after blow-drying.

Longer Hair – Johnny Depp


Few people pull off the ‘meant-to-look-disheveled’ look as well as Johnny Depp. It’s almost as if he styled his hair 24 hours before he actually needed to step out on-screen or in public to create that worn-in look.

Take some wax and spread it through the middle and ends of the hair, creating some natural movement within the hair and a bit of definition. We recommend not blow-drying the hair to achieve this kind of look; you’ll end up with something looking more salon than disheveled, so opt for natural air-drying instead.

Three great Hollywood actors, three classic looks for different lengths of hair.

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