Grooming Rituals Around the World!


You probably style your hair, shave and put on cologne without giving it much thought. After all, it’s something you do every day. And even though it’s a habit now embedded in your brain, you’d be surprised to know that not everyone has the same techniques and rituals – what you think is the norm for you, may not necessarily be the same everywhere else in the world.


Grooming trends have been exponentially growing in Asian countries, with a focus in Japan where the term ‘ikemen’, meaning ‘good-looking man’, has become a real buzzword. The trend seems to reflect that the more laid-back approach to grooming that we’re used to in Western countries is not one well-received in Japan. Instead, men tend to go for softer approaches, increasing the importance of wet shaves, scalp massages and nail care, as opposed to scruffy beards and distressed hairstyles.

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In the Kenyan Masai tribe, male grooming takes a vital part in manhood initiation ceremonies where mothers shave their young sons’ heads and faces. This ensures they are presented to the tribe as senior warriors, allowing them to marry and grow long hair, making grooming a major part of their daily routines. As for hairstyles, braids are a common style, and hair is often mixed with ashes, clay or animal fat for styling.


The grooming industry here is booming and it’s only the beginning. South American men are shunning the unisex products and are favouring products designed specifically for men. Although in general, they prefer the more masculine look, male plastic surgery is on the rise, with a number of men going under the knife in order to stay looking youthful, whilst still maintaining a masculine look.


Turkish barbers are renowned for a reason: they offer unforgettable experiences. Traditionally known as ‘efes’, Turkish barbers only use straight razors with remarkable and unrivalled speed and precision. The traditional treatment is hair singeing – using a hot flame to get rid of unwanted ear hair. If you’ve never experienced it, we’d urge you to book one – you can also find them in the UK!


Grooming is an ever-growing trend in the UK, with an increasing number of specialised barbershops popping up all over the country. This has lead to a complete revolution in grooming trends. There are no fixed rules, you can enjoy a beard one day and go for a clean-shaven look the next.

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