The Guide To Looking and Feeling Fantastic 24/7

Good grooming doesn’t always have to end in the morning. Taking care of yourself is a 24/7 gig, all you need is to get yourself into a consistent routine and know what products work for different parts of your day. Here’s the Cornerstone guide to looking fantastic all day round.

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The Shower

A daily obligation that many tend to rush after riding the snooze button as far as it will go! However, the shower should be your entrance to the day ahead and it should be as relaxing as possible. Step in with a plan, something like stepping back out looking and feeling a million dollars. Want an energising start? Try welcoming the day in with our new Body Wash blended with Lemon, Ginger and Ginseng extract for an invigorating and energising wash, leaving the skin fresh and stimulated. 

Haircare can be covered in a number of topics and articles, however, right now we’d recommend trying a high-quality 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner that contains hair strengthening properties and works to reduce dandruff. Fortunately, you will soon be able to get your hands on this product as it will launch at Cornerstone end of March.

The Brush and Shave

We know the morning is usually spent half asleep waiting for the coffee to kick in, but it’s vital to have a tip-top oral health routine to make sure you have healthy gums and keep your teeth in check. Using an electric toothbrush with gentle whitening toothpaste not only makes for better oral care, it’s simple consideration for everyone else around you. Throughout the day, it may be worth storing some daily mouthwash on your desk for that go-to freshen up to keep your smile approachable. Soon we will have all of these products available for you to try so keep an eye out!

Likewise, a traditional British morning clean shave can work wonders for your look and day. Prepping your skin in the shower with a daily facial scrub will prep your hair ready for a closer cut with your blade. Gel or Cream is personal preference, however, the razor and blades are vitally important as a high-quality sharp razor will result in less drag and irritation. Once the shave is over with, fan your face with a cool flannel and moisturise for fresh and healthy skin lasting the whole day!

The Gym

Staying fit is a constant process and is a tier of taking care of yourself 24/7. Sure, we’d all enjoy being able to head to the local for lunch and eye up some pub snacks, however, strength and endurance require consistency! Grooming wise, we’d always recommend freshening yourself up with another shower or wash. You should also consider washing your face, this is because sweat toxins can cause unwanted irritation, try our Daily Face Wash which is blended with mint and cucumber extracts to deliver a gentle yet invigorating clean, removing excess dirt and impurities from your skin.

What’s more, you should always leave the gym as fresh as you walked in. As you’ll have washed after your workout we’d recommend re-applying some underarm anti-perspirant deodorant to keep your body fresh from sweat and keep you fresh for the rest of the day.

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