How To Be More Successful in 2018

How often do you find yourself sailing through the day, practically on autopilot without stopping to think what you’re doing? It’s a trait many of us have and it’s hard to sometimes take a step back and analyse our lives, seeing whether we’re in a position to be happy with. This got us onto the subject of how to be more successful in 2018, here are a few points to get you thinking…

1 – Enjoy the simple things in life

In this non-stop world we all find ourselves in, it’s good to get back to basics and keep things simple. Taking yourself away from the online world is a great example! Most of the time we find ourselves creating a different (almost perfect) persona on social media, therefore turning this off and any work-related apps for a few hours a day can be super! Maybe go to the park, read a book and meet your actual friends.

2 – Spring Clean

We all know the term ‘spring clean’ and we either love or loathe it. For many of us, we simply own too much stuff! Therefore a spring clean every quarter can really give you the kick up the bum that you may need to chase a new opportunity. It can help you feel more relaxed and in control of your life.

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3 – Save

Instead of impulse buying or slicing your paycheck in half every month, why not save 10% of your salary. You may have a grand plan of something that costs a little more but will hold it’s value, art, a luxury watch or a classic car. Saving to purchase something meaningful can give you a sense of self-worth and give you added confidence in your everyday life.

4 – Try to be a People Person

When you come across a successful person, you’ll most likely notice that they’re people-orientated. They take time and make an honest effort to strengthen their relationships with others. You won’t always be best friends with everybody you meet, but being nice and diplomatic during the day will make you feel better about yourself. When at work, it’s easier to be nice and show support for each other’s work, you are all targeting the same goal and it will give you added respect for one and other.

5 – Dress for The Job You Want

An age old saying which can sometimes be easily forgotten. But as more and more people begin to look for comfort and affordability, it’s worth searching for those smart, casual and professional looks that are breathable and make you feel just as fresh when getting home as you left in the morning. Remember, first impressions count whether it’s a networking event, job interview or date so it can be a good thing to refresh your wardrobe. Who knows, you might just feel a little better about yourself.

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