How to Have a Healthy Smile

Having good oral health and a great smile can have super life-changing benefits. studies have shown that 7 out of 10 people admit they’re not happy with their smile. From better self-confidence to having more luck in careers and relationships, a healthy smile can legitimately transform your visual appearance, the positivity of your mindset, as well as improve the health of not only your mouth but your body too. Cornerstone has put together some top tips covering different areas of your oral health, to help keep you smiling throughout the day.

Visit your dentist regularly

First things first, you should visit your dentist or hygienist on a regular basis (as much as they recommend). It’s great to strike up a relationship with them as some of us do not enjoy the experience so it can make it easier to discuss any issues or anxieties you may have. Always keep in mind that your oral health is of the utmost importance to them. When in the dental chair, it can help to relax your mind and enjoy the process of your dental check. Just calmly breathe and you should be fine.

Floss is the boss

This is a vital step for anybody wanting to significantly improve their oral health because the truth is, brushing only gets about 50% of the nasty stuff off your teeth. Spending a few minutes each day using a good floss tape such as Cornerstone’s  Gentle Daily Floss Tape helps to reach many areas that a toothbrush can’t, not doing this step may, in fact, leave bacteria hidden in hard-to-get locations and potentially cause infection. Our tape is coated in PTFE which allows the tape to glide easily through your teeth, enabling a soft and thorough interdental clean.

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Eat and drink, but think about it!

It’s very important to have a well-balanced diet and not to snack too much in between meals… Especially on all those sweet and sugary products! A varied diet that’s rich in minerals, vitamins, fresh fruit, and vegetables is a superb start to avoiding gum disease whilst also keeping your body clean. Similarly, we all love a morning coffee or glass of red wine over the weekend, but if you can limit or avoid these, you’ll greatly increase your oral health. That’s because these products leave a lasting stain on your tooth enamel. To help combat this, we recommend a toothpaste containing fluoride. Lucky for you, Cornerstone has developed a Gentle Whitening Toothpaste which is excellent for your teeth. Our toothpaste has a safe and gentle whitening effect that will brighten your smile without damaging your gums and teeth. Keep your eye out and give it a try when it’s released later this year.

Be good to those gums

With proper care, your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout your life. Always keep an eye on your gums as the healthier they are, the less risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Check for signs of puffy, red or tender gums, gums that bleed or bad breath are signs that you may need to see your dentist right away. Never fear though, having a solid dental care routine consisting of brushing, flossing, rinsing with a quality mouthwash like Cornerstone’s new Daily Fresh Mint Mouthwash (which is alcohol-free) and visiting the dentist regularly will help you combat such issues.

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