How To Look After Your Moustache



You’ve decided clean-shaven isn’t for you anymore. You’re going to grow your facial hair out and sport a moustache. Millions have done it before you, and it can’t be that hard, right? Well, here are some few tips on making sure your moustache looks its dapper best.

Treat your moustache like your head of hair.

What we mean by this is simply wash your moustache regularly. Make sure to get rid of any built-up grime or debris. Not only will this improve the moustache itself, it won’t smell which is the unfortunate side effect of getting morsels of today’s sandwich stuck in your ‘tache.

Every so often, just splash your face with cold water and that should be enough, with a more in-depth wash before you go to bed.

Trim, shave, and keep it tidy.

You definitely don’t want your moustache looking as if you’ve just left it to grow because you can’t be bothered shaving. There are many styles you can go for, but maintaining even a simple style will require some precision equipment: beard trimmer, manicure scissors and transparent shave gel are all perfect sidekicks in your fight on stray facial hairs.

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Dry cut.

Do not trim a wet moustache. This might seem counter-intuitive given all the shaving tips about using warm water to open pores etc. However, you’re not shaving at the skin-level, you’re merely snipping the hair. The added weight given to your ‘tache makes it hang longer than it would normally. If you trim when wet, the moustache will eventually dry off and retract, leading you to realise that you’ve taken too much off, with nothing left to help salvage the situation. By trimming dry, you’ll see what it will look like normally, making it easier to judge hair length.


A comb can be a man’s best friend, especially a moustache comb in this case. First of all, when trimming, using the comb to lift up the hair will make getting the right length of trim that little bit easier. Then once styling, you can use the comb to evenly distribute the moustache wax and help part your mo’ in the middle.

Use wax carefully to avoid a shiny dark line above your lip, but don’t be scared to use enough to create the desired styling effect. If you’re twirling the ends, imagine you’re snapping your fingers with hair in the middle, to get the perfect twirl.


Your facial hair naturally draws moisture away from the skin. In order to avoid dry skin – dandruff in your moustache isn’t a good look- you’ll need to moisturise underneath the ‘tache on a daily basis. Remember though, that moisturising could lead to grime and blocked pores, so washing the moustache will become more important than ever.

We’ve gone through a few of our top tips to take care of your ‘tache. Have you got any other hints or hacks we could add to the list? Let us know @Cornerstone_HQ!

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