Four Road Trips to Try Out This Year

When the journey, not the destination really is the best part, only one type of holiday will suffice: a road trip. We’ve got four road trips to try out this year, so you’d better start planning your holidays. So fire-up your GPS device, and bring a map too, as where we’re taking you we can’t guarantee 4G. Fill the glove compartment with snacks and crank up the Bruce Springsteen or whatever it is you’re meant to listen to on the open road. We’re going on a road trip!

Route 66 Road Trips Cornerstone

Route 66, USA (2’451 miles)

A cliché yes, but no self-respecting list would be complete without it. The ‘Mother Road’ is the reason we hit the road in the first place.

From Easy Rider, to Little Miss Sunshine, to Thelma and Louise, Route 66 has seeped into the psyche and popular culture like no other. Starting in Chicago, Route 66 sweeps on a broad, meandering westerly curve taking in 8 states before settling in LA. There’s desert, diners and miles of open road.

 Iceland Ring Road

Iceland’s Ring Road (828 miles)

Like the M25, but instead of gridlocked traffic, road rage and dreary London, this route encircles beautiful Iceland. Hugging the coast of this volcanic island the entire loop, the route is blessed with hot springs, glacial lagoons, black sand beaches and the occasional waterfall thrown in for good measure.

Travel in the latter part of the year and your road trip with be illuminated by the Northern lights. Stunning!

 Khardung La Pass India

Khardung LA Pass, India (298 miles)

Slightly shorter than some of the others, but it’ll take some getting to, not to mention the roads aren’t exactly paved with gold, or tarmac.

What the Khardung Pass lacks in distance, it certainly makes up for in elevation. At well over 18’000 feet it’s the highest road in the world. Altitude sickness is a genuine possibility in these parts.

Cutting through the disputed province of Kashmir, the road juts through glacial mountain passes to the foothills of the Himalayas.

 Route 1 USA

Route 1, USA (2’369 miles)

Our second entry from Stateside is slightly less iconic than its counterpart, but is a whole lot more awe inspiring.

Route 1 hugs the Atlantic East coast of the USA, from the islands of the Florida Keys all the way up to the Canadian border. You’d better book some serious time off with HR, because it’s intersected en route by Miami, Orlando, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Phew!

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