How to prevent shaving rash

Whether you’re a shaving veteran or have just started out, you’ll likely have suffered from every man’s living hell – shaving rash! Here are some key steps you can take to achieve shaving heaven:

Do your prep

Before you dive right in with the shave cream and razor, it is essential that you prepare your skin and hair. The best preparation is a combination of exfoliation and hot water or steam – jump in the shower and use a quality face scrub.

The scrub will ensure any dirt and dead skin is removed from your face, which will reduce the likelihood of your razor clogging. This also lifts the hair from the skin before shaving, reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

Meanwhile, the hot water and steam will get your facial hair as soft as possible – allowing your blade to glide along with minimal friction.

Apply a quality cream

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but always use a shave cream or gel! Some guys are guilty of trying to do a quick job with water and a razor (you know who you are!). Running a blade directly over your skin is a sure-fire way of getting a nasty rash. Where many of us come unstuck with this is when an area needs a second pass with the razor. If you need to do this, take a little time to reapply your cream – your skin will thank you.

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Light strokes are the right strokes

A common misconception with shaving is that pressing the razor down harder will make for a closer shave. However, a good quality, sharp razor will give you a great shave with minimal pressure. If you’re having to press down hard, you probably have a blunt razor, which is now being dragged across your skin with maximum friction! To avoid this, always use a sharp, clean razor, and use light strokes across your skin.

Also – never leave your razor in the shower! The wet conditions there will cause rusting in the blades, leading to a blunt, irritating shave.


Just because your stubble has gone, doesn’t mean its job done! If you end your shave there,  then you’re missing a vital last step: re-hydrating your skin. Shaving can dry out and irritate your skin, so you must replenish the lost moisture. A lightweight, soothing and refreshing post-shave balm will only add a few seconds to your shaving routine, but it will have lasting benefits for your skin. Follow this up with a non-greasy moisturiser, and you’ll feel fresh, smooth and shaving-rash free!

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