How to shave your balls

Although some men like the hairy look, many have taken to the art of manscaping to keep their bodies looking well-groomed. Manscaping is largely a breeze until it comes to one very sensitive area – your balls.

How exactly do you navigate a wrinkly bag of lumps with a sharp razor? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Step one – trim

Before you can think about picking up your razor,  you need to trim back your pubic hair. Reducing the mass of pubic hair will keep long hairs from getting stuck in your razor later on.

Grab your hair or beard trimmer and get to work, but make sure you have the guard set to a reasonable length (i.e. not too short) – you don’t want to get this skin caught between the blades!

Step two – shower

Now that you’ve thinned out your pubic hair, you’ll want to hop into a nice, hot shower. Ever had a hot wash before shaving your face? The same principle applies here: the warm water will help soften the coarse hairs.

The hot conditions will also loosen up and stretch your scrotum, which is crucial before you shave your balls.

A Smooth, Comfortable Shave – Delivered.

Start your mornings right with the Cornerstone shave.

Featuring five super sharp blades, a trimmer blade and an aloe vera strip – for an effortless shave.

We’ll personalise your perfectly weighted, chrome-plated handle and send you blades when you need them.

Step three – lubricate

Before taking a blade to your balls (and penis shaft), make sure you apply a product that will provide a layer of protection. You’ll want something designed for shaving, with a clear finish, so that you can see what you’re doing. Cornerstone’s shave gel should be just the ticket.

Step four – stretch

Trying to shave soft, floppy skin is just asking for some nasty nicks and cuts. To avoid this, you need to stretch out your ball skin to create a surface that is as flat and taut as possible. Keep carefully doing this as you gently shave your balls with your razor, and soon enough you’ll have some freshly groomed gonads.

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