It’s complicated to create something simple.

With our razor handle, we set out to create a modern classic — a tool that was stylish but also comfortable and practical to use. Our designers took inspiration from other products that we admired and distilled their most compelling design features into something that would deliver an effortless shave. We were determined for instance, that our handle should be able to stand on its base in the bathroom — keeping the head in the air, and the blades away from clogging debris. The ability to engrave personal initials onto the handle was also a feature that was important to us — shaving is a very personal thing, and we wanted our razor to reflect that.


We wanted a weighted, well-balanced handle — believing that this was the key to precise control when shaving.  For this, only aluminium would do, but not just any aluminium. We opted for marine-grade aluminium alloy — strong and lightweight but also proven to remain untarnished in harsh marine environments like the North Sea. Admittedly, it might sound over-engineered, but we were clear that we wanted to create a tool that was designed to last.

Finally, having settled on a stylish, practical design and a hardwearing, lightweight material, our last task was to identify a partner to help us create our handle. This is the important part, because thoughtful design features a careful choice of material are meaningless if the manufacturing process is not precise and expertly managed. We were fortunately introduced to a team that had experience producing components for the Jaguar F Type, and who also had the skills and knowledge to craft our razor handles.


Together, we have created a razor handle that is unique in its design and ease of use. It might be complicated to create something simple, but it was certainly worthwhile. If you need some tips on how to take care of your razor handle properly, check out our guide.

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