Spin4: Tinder for cool products

We love innovative, well-designed products – after all, we spent eighteen months painstakingly putting together our own range of shaving products. So, it’s always a pleasure to find other brands who have followed a similar path – this week we discovered Spin4 – a website best described as a Tinder for cool products. Here are some of the things that caught our eye:


There’s no doubt the limited edition Bushmills X Grado Labs Wooden Headphones make an iPod listener stand out from the crowd. Designed by Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie, they come with a custom brown leather headband, delivering in both aesthetics and audio experience, powered by Grado’s 60 years of high-fidelity technological stature.


‘The Plank’ is an intelligent response to the modern pandemic of essential-item-misplacing. As our beloved personal-effects grow smaller with each decade, it becomes increasingly easy to lose those things without which we feel terribly vulnerable. The Plank is just that, the place to leave your phone, wallet, and keys so that you can relax in the knowledge of their precise location. Luckily, The Plank can be nailed to the wall so you don’t lose that too…


Balolo create beautiful wooden cases to help you reclaim your home from the mass of plastic wires and games consoles that litter your living room. The only risk is that an elderly relative mistakes it for a miniature table and starts leaving mugs atop your much-loved PS4.

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