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After several revisions and months of hard work, we’re excited to announce our brand new razor. Built on feedback sent to us by our members, we’re proud to say it’s our best shave yet. Improvements include our new trimmer blade, increased spacing between blades to reduce clogging, and a re-worked handle for a more natural and comfortable grip. We’re sure you’ll love it! Read on to find out how we transformed Japanese steel into our ultra-sharp blades.


To make the blades we use Japanese steel, which before being treated is naturally so soft that you can easily bend it with your own fingers! So to ensure super sharp blades, we first need super strong steel. To modify its atomic structure and harden the steel, we expose it to drastic changes in temperature; high temperatures soften the atoms making them more fluid while ice-cold liquid nitrogen locks the structure down. In essence, heat makes the metal much more workable whilst the ice-cold temperatures force it into a rigid structure; and that’s the first step into durable, ultra-sharp blades.

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At a microscopic level, facial hair is extremely tough, so razor blades must be sharp but also strong enough to glide effortlessly over your skin without pulling and causing discomfort. Once the steel is hardened, we soften the edges and ground the blade tips at high speed under laser monitoring into a sharp known as a gothic arch. This is the optimal shape for hair cutting as the base remains strong whilst the cutting edge becomes ultra-sharp.

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To create a protective layer that prevents micro-corrosion, we coat the blades with diamond carbon electrons under high vacuum conditions. Imagine the Hadron Collider but at a much smaller scale! This step is what sets Cornerstone blades apart, as other blades are dipped in the coating instead rounding the cutting edges rounded and losing their sharpness. This is something you won’t need to worry about with Cornerstone. We add an extra layer of Teflon to reduce friction and ensure a comfortable shave that doesn’t irritate your skin whilst ensuring long-lasting sharpness.


The steel is then cut into individual blades that are carefully bent at an ideal angle for a smooth shave. We’ve also increased the spacing between the blades so your razor won’t clog as often; but do remember to run it under hot water from time to time. Before we pack up the blades, we run a number of quality checks to test for sharpness and precision. This ensures the blades offer you the smooth, comfortable shave you need to get your mornings off to a great start.

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If you’re a Cornerstone member, you will receive our new razor with your next delivery – let us know if you rate the shave on Facebook and Twitter.

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