Meet our Wash Bag: An Insider’s Guide to Leather Processing


You’ve probably seen our exclusive buffalo leather wash bags on our site. They’re a great way to store your grooming products to avoid clutter in your bathroom or when on the go. So we thought we’d take you behind-the-scenes to show you exactly what goes into making these leather wash bags, such as sourcing the leather, dying it but also how to best take care of them.

Where does the leather come from?

Our leather is sourced from animals raised for human consumption, making the most of what is essentially a bi-product. The leather is then naturally processed with the help of dyes, giving you a unique look – each wash bag is one of a kind!

How are the leather wash bags made?

The wash bags are made in quite a traditional way. The leather is laid out and the pieces are cut from a pattern. These pieces are then sewn together on a sewing machine and the lining inserted.

Cornerstone's wash bag

The leather dying process.

The leather is a high-quality buffalo hide that is dyed in a drum using different dyes, including vegetable ones. It has a lovely grain and finish, which gets better with time as the bag is used and it develops its own unique patina. This means that every one of the wash bags will age differently developing its own unique characteristics. No two bags will be the same!

How to store and care for our leather goods.

The bag doesn’t need too much care. It’s best stored in a dry place but as it’s likely to get damp, just make sure it’s dry before throwing it into the back of a cupboard. Any leather care products, such as saddle soap, can be used on the bag to give it a clean or to soften it, but they probably won’t be needed if the wash bag is being used regularly. Just use lots and enjoy!

Have you tried our leather wash bag yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Get yours here.

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