Orlistat diet guide

Taking Orlistat is a proven way to lose weight, but it’s not a magical weight loss capsule – you’ll also need to follow a balanced, low-fat diet to get the results you want. If you don’t stick to this diet, the unwanted effects of Orlistat can be heightened.

A balanced diet

To get the best weight loss outcome, you’ll need to opt for plenty of nutrient-rich fruit and veg, along with all the protein, carbs and fats that your body needs. To help, use the NHS’s Eatwell Guide, which shows how much of each food group you should eat per day.

The NHS also has a handy list of healthy recipes, to help you plan your meals.


Fat intake

Your daily intake of fat should also not exceed 30% of your total calorie intake each day. This means you should have no more than 15 grams of fat per meal.

To cut down on fat, always read the labels on your food, and try the following tips:

  • Pile up your plate with more vegetables.
  • Bake, broil, or grill; avoid frying.
  • Use fat-free or plant-based milk instead of whole milk.
  • When eating in a restaurant, ask that the sauces and dressings be served on the side.
  • Instead of cooking with butter or margarine, try cooking with herbs, spices or lemon juice instead. You can also use a one-calorie oil spray.
  • Limit hydrogenated fats (shortening, lard) and animal fats (butter, cream) if you can. Use liquid oils, particularly canola, olive, safflower, or sunflower.
  • Snack on fruits
  • Avoid eating processed foods.

Calorie count

The ideal Orlistat diet is also mildly hypocaloric, meaning you will need to eat slightly fewer calories than you burn.

To achieve this, apps like myfitnesspal can help to calculate how many calories you should consume per day. They can also help with tracking how many calories you are taking in and burning.

If you keep on top of your diet with healthy, low-fat food, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your weight loss treatment.


Scott McDougall (MPharm) is a clinical pharmacist and in addition to being Cornerstone’s senior in-house pharmacist, is the co-founder of The Independent Pharmacy, one of the UK’s leading independent online pharmacies.

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