How To Stay Fresh This Spring

Spring is here and we’re loving it already! The nights are getting lighter and, oh boy, the mornings are brighter making it easier for you to get up and go through your morning routine! Today we’re discussing what to do with yourself during the Spring months so that you’re fresh and in control of your daily routine.

Start with a Morning run

Spring is the perfect time of year to enjoy a run. It’s not too hot or too cold and the lighter mornings make it more bearable. It could be around Hyde Park or down the country roads, no matter where you are why not start your day right with a 20-minute jog before heading in the shower to freshen up for the day ahead.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

We should always look to stay hydrated throughout the year, however, we should focus on this aspect a lot more, especially as the warmer months begin to arrive. Make sure to carry a bottle of water around with you as it can be a tricky situation if you find yourself dehydrated and without water. What’s more, it’s very worthwhile to use a high-quality daily moisturiser, this will help to rehydrate and soothe your skin as much as possible.

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Wash your Hair Regularly

It’s a common theme that many men worry that the more they wash their hair the thinner it will become and ultimately disappear. In reality, washing hair actually thickens it because dirty and greasy hair makes hair flat and clump together. For best results, it’s worth using a hair strengthening and anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner with warm water daily or every other day. What’s great is that our new 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner is not only designed with high-quality ingredients to reduce dandruff in your hair, but it also includes the vital hair strengthening ingredient – keravis – which penetrates the hair cuticle to build strength from within, whilst reinforcing, lubricating and protecting the surface of the hair. Perfect for keeping yourself fresh throughout Spring!

Tidy up your Haircut

If you’re losing your hair, it’s better to accept this and adapt than pretend like nothing is happening. However, a shorter, more classic cut is always more flattering and an overall fresher look for Spring. What’s more, if you still have hair to play with, it’s healthier to dry your hair naturally when you can. This is because human hair is three times weaker when it’s wet so (if possible) a few times a week leave the towel drying and hair comb out of your routine.

Protect your pits

Now that you’re superbly groomed and ready to see what the day may bring, it’s time to take care of your body scent. No one wants to be chatting with a un-fresh family member or colleague. After your shower, prepare your body with our new Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. It’s compressed and designed to give you 48-hours protection. Remember to shake well before use to make sure that all of the ingredients to protect your underarms are mixed together.

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