The hard facts about condoms

Condoms are one of those areas of our lives which we spend little time thinking about. They do, however, form a part of everyday life and in fact, have a rather interesting and unusual way of being manufactured. Here’s how our upcoming smooth and thin condoms are going to be produced:

Latex is so 2010

Unlike most condoms, ours aren’t made of natural rubber latex. We use an innovative, scientifically-formulated material called Polyisoprene which has a softer, and more natural feel.

Different from natural rubber latex condoms, it’s designed to give a super smooth, soft feel with extra stretch to fit more comfortably while ensuring the same protection as a natural rubber latex condom.

Sourcing of the highest quality

Cornerstone condoms are produced in state-of-the-art facilities. The reliability and quality of condoms are established in the sourcing and manufacturing processes which meet the highest regulatory requirements.

Every batch of Polyisoprene that arrives at the manufacturing factory is carefully inspected and tested to make sure that it is the highest quality of material.

Ultra-thin condoms, delivered.

Our ultra-thin, latex-free condoms offer a smoother, more comfortable feel whilst providing the same protection as regular, rubber latex condoms. 

Testing a condom’s strength

Cornerstone condoms are then tested in 3 different ways to guarantee their quality, safety and consistency. During manufacturing, air, water and electricity are used to make sure that each batch meets the highest manufacturing standards.

The air test is used to ensure their tensile strength. Inflated with air, our condoms blow up until they are 80cm in height and 40cm in width or until they reach their ‘bursting point’. Because of the materials used, our condoms have a significantly higher bursting point than thin latex condoms, proving that our condoms have greater elasticity providing a closer more comfortable fit – that won’t tear as easily.

During the water test, the condoms are filled to 300ml of water (half a pint of beer) to ensure there is no danger of leakage.

The final test involves electronic testing. This unique process checks for microscopic defects invisible to the human eye.

The final touches

After all of our tests, lube is added to every condom as well as individual tracking. This traceability allows us to access the full production and transportation history of all deliveries so that we can follow-up on issues that may arise with particular batches.

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