The Idle Man’s Guide To Pre-Date Grooming

This week we’ve partnered up with The Idle Man to bring you some pre-dategrooming tips and advice they’ve learnt from the experts. Read on find out what The Idle Man says you should be doing.the-idle-man

Over the past month, The Idle Man has been talking to grooming experts about the variety of challenges the everyday man has when looking to smarten up their look. We’ve learnt a lot from the experts during this time, and we think it’s only fair we share some of this knowledge. There’s a time and a place for experimenting with certain aspects of grooming, but in our opinion, dating is the perfect occasion to really up your grooming game. The three areas we suggest focusing on before a first date are your hair, shaving and skin. Follow our advice and we can guarantee a greater chance of first date success.


A great way of showing your date that you’ve really made an effort is by sporting a fresh haircut. Communication with your barber is vitally important, so don’t be shy in bringing in your own ideas. Martyn Gayle, owner of BrBr Bullet Men’s Concept, told us “make sure you and your barber are on the same page before anything practical happens, and bring as much information you need to present your case.” Additionally, ensure your hair is washed and conditioned and don’t go overboard on products. You don’t want to look like you swam there!


The perfect shave can leave you feeling relaxed ahead of a potential nerve-wracking first date. Your skill will feel rejuvenated after a wet shave, and there is less risk of those pesky ingrown hairs! Ensure you begin shaving when your beard is most hydrated, either after a shower or rinsing your face with warm water. Massage a generous amount of shave gel in circular motions as this will help to lift the hairs up and away from the skin, making it easier to get a close, smooth shave. Men’s barbers Strop and Blade suggest “holding your razor 30 degrees from vertical, and apply a small amount of pressure guiding the razor in short strokes. After the first pass re-lather and shave again to remove all remaining stubble.” To finish, rinse off any remaining lather with cold water. The cold will close your pores preventing dirt and grease from entering the skin, and always apply an aftershave balm and gel to rehydrate the skin.


Having a good complexion will complement your now clean-shaven look, as well as giving you a healthier image. Hydration is key here, you should always be cleansing your face every morning and evening for more youthful skin. It’s important not to look tired on your date, and you can get rid of those dark circles round your eyes by applying a serum called Syn-Ake, which freezes wrinkles and tightens skin in one application. Mr.Wharff, a men’s skincare expert, also recommends using “a heavy-duty face scrub that will provide instant cell renewal on the skin by removing unwanted dead skin cells, this will allow skin to absorb treatments easier.” Leaving your skin in tip-top shape!

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