The Importance of Post Shave Balm

Cornerstone's Post-Shave BalmA good post shave balm is key in any men’s shaving routine – just think of what you subject your skin to on a daily basis when you shave!

A quality post shave balm is essential for preventing dry irritated skin. After exfoliating and shaving with a razor, you have taken away the top layer of natural oils and moisture in your skin, and you need to replace any moisture lost to restore the natural balance.

But what makes a good post shave balm? To begin with, look for ingredients that will soothe, moisturise and refresh your skin such as honey and mint. Mint is great for a cool, refreshing sensation, whilst honey has anti-septic qualities – perfect in case you’ve accidentally cut yourself slightly. Secondly, avoid any balm with alcohol in it – you might sadistically enjoy the ‘sting’ it gives, but your skin certainly won’t. Lastly – stay away from products which are too oily – this will potentially lead to greasy skin, blocked pores and spots.

Cornerstone's Post-Shave Balm

As luck would have it, our Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm ticks all of these boxes, so if you’re not already using it, then we heartily recommend you add it to your morning shave routine.

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