Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Blades Sharp

We’re great advocates of good quality, sharp blades. We hate using a blunt razor (who doesn’t) so it’s essential to change the blades regularly as this will help with achieving a close, smooth and irritation-free shave. However, at the same time there are things you can do to keep your blades sharp and prolong blade longevity and fewer cuts. After all, there is no point in throwing away blades, and therefore wasting money, just because you’re not looking after them properly.


1. The first golden rule is pretty simple really. Make sure you clean your razor properly after you’re done shaving, there should be no traces of shave gel or shave cream left on the blades.

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2. The second rule is to make sure you don’t leave your razor lying flat on the sink or shower – even if you have the protective plastic casing on it. Instead, make sure your blades are 100% dry and free of any water droplets once you’re done shaving. Oxidation and rust will only shorten the lifespan of your blades so remember to dry them with a clean towel after each use and store them in a cool, dry place.

3. Our third tip is a little wacky, but if you’ve got any old jeans you don’t need, you can use this to effectively sharpen and fix any bends in the blades. But be careful not to cut or wear out your denim- you want to glide the razor over the denim material rather than shave it!


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