How Good Quality Razor Blades Can Transform Your Skin


How many times have you purchased a razor only to find yourself covered in nicks, cuts and razor burn by the third use? Finding a razor blade that offers a smooth, comfortable shave is actually really pretty difficult, despite all of the shiny promises that come with multi coloured, 25 blade, celebrity endorsed razor blades in the ‘Shaving Needs’ aisle in your local chemist.

Are any of them really any good? Frankly, we think it is about time we pulled the beard from over your eyes when it comes to the shaving industry and explained a bit more about razor blades.

What makes a great face razor? Razor blades can massively differ in quality. Not all razors are made the same and the higher the quality of the blade, the better the performance. Don’t be fooled by big brand names and a celebrity seal of endorsement – often expensive brands use much cheaper blades attached to a fancy-looking handle.

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If the blades are not super sharp to begin with, the chances are that they’ll go blunt pretty quickly, so you’re just spurred on to buy more ridiculously expensive sets of replacement heads in search for those super sharp blades that don’t irritate your skin. Who’s winning here? Not you.

Even worse, you keep forgetting to replace your razor blades. We’ve all been guilty of this. It’s easy to change your blades regularly when you know you have a supply of them in your bathroom cabinet, but when you’re down to your last one you somehow end up using it for weeks (sometimes even months) on end. This is the worst thing if you’re looking for a smooth, comfortable shave.

How to pick a quality razor blade


Choosing a quality razor blade will transform your shaving experience from being a painful chore to something that can really make you feel great about yourself. Let’s face it – you want a shave that delivers a smooth comfortable shave every time… this is how to do it:

Cornerstone uses German-engineered razors. Our very fine, sharp blades cut through stubble very efficiently, reducing the tugging and stress on each hair follicle as you shave, minimising the chance of your skin flaring up.

Razor blade longevity

As the saying goes, a bluntknife is the most dangerous tool in the kitchen and the same goes for your razor. A dull or blunt razor will only bring irritation and ingrown hairs as you agitate follicles by applying pressure to the hairs on your face. Plus there’s a very high chance of it leaving your skin irritated and covered with nicks and cuts. Replacing blades is important and should be done regularly, but if your razor is poor quality from the start then you’ll find it hard to achieve a smooth, comfortable shave, no matter how often you change your blades.

German engineered razor blades

At Cornerstone we wanted to get back to simplicity. The kind of razor blade that we wanted to use didn’t exist for us so we decided to craft a razor blade that delivered a smooth, comfortable shave every time. We wanted to make the daily chore of having to shave into something a little more enjoyable that sets you up for a great day ahead. Our razor blades are made in the industrial heart of Germany by experienced blade engineers with many years of experience creating high quality razor blades. Learn more about how the razor blades are made here.

Flexible head and quality handlesgood-quality-razor-blades-can-transform-skin-cornerstone.jpg

The last time we looked, faces are not flat surfaces so you need a razor that will move around the curves of your chin and jaw. Having a razor head that isn’t rigid helps you following the natural contours of your face and neck. The razor blades are ergonomically designed to provide a close, smooth shave in every curve.

Handles stay upright

Being able to air dry your razor will help prolong the life of the blade and maintain its sharpness. We have carefully designed handles that mean you can stand the razor upright without a holder, allowing the blades to air dry and maintain their quality for longer.

Use the right products

Like razor blades, not all shaving products are the same and price doesn’t always mean quality. Many shaving products include many ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. You want a product that reflects you and that looks after your skin. Selecting products that use as many natural ingredients as possible is the best option for your skin as it will reduce the risk of irritation and who really wants to put loads of nasty chemicals on their face? None of our products contain alcohol, microbeads, parabens or BPA.

Use appropriate shaving products before, during and after your shave to keep your skin moisturised and smooth. A microbeads-free pre-shave scrub  will release ingrown hairs and lift dead skin cells, resulting in a super-smooth shave. Follow this with a shaving gel or cream that protects the skin while helping the blade move seamlessly across your face and neck. Finish it all off with a post-shave balm that moisturises and reduces any irritation. It’s this combination that will create the smooth, comfortable shaving experience for you and soon your morning shave will be a less painful chore.

Try it and see


We feel we’ve created a product that will really change how you feel about shaving and that will help make you feel good every morning when you look in the mirror. We’ve partnered with specialist dermatologists and craftsmen who are experts in their fields to deliver a smooth, comfortable shave without the brand-name price tag and without having to go to the shops.

It’s simple – choose a shaving plan to suit your requirements and we’ll deliver it straight to your door. We’ll even engrave your initials on the handle for free for a nice, personal touch. Our shaving plans are completely flexible so you can choose which products you’d like and at the frequency that best suits your shaving needs and routine, so you always have everything you need for a smooth, comfortable shave.

So long, in-grown hairs and irritated skin – the future is a smooth, comfortable shave that sets you up for a great day.

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