Three Vintage Cars for the Ultimate Gent

Whilst ‘newness’ is often seen as better than something older, there are always exceptions to that rule. Fine wines and aged cheeses are just two examples, but nowhere is it more apparent than in vintage cars. Here are 3 of those vintage vehicles that show things really can get better with age.

1961 Jaguar E-type Vintage Cars

1961 Jaguar E-Type

Quite possibly one of the most beautiful things on 4 wheels, the E-Type is 1960s genius. British-designed and manufactured (in Coventry to be exact), the wondrous Jag is sleek with appealing lines, as if it was built with the sole purpose of effortlessly maneuvering around our winding country roads with utter precision; there is a reason they still race these E-Types today. When you think of the engineering brilliance that went in to making this car, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most sought-after vintage cars by enthusiasts everywhere. And of course, that beautiful British Racing Green finish is quintessentially Jaguar.

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1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vintage Cars

1964 Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 is unquestionably the most recognised James Bond automobile ever, perhaps even in cinematic history. As soon as Sean Connery was shown the DB5 by Q in Goldfinger, the car was destined for greatness and we think you’ll agree, it’s stood the test of time. British engineering at its best, only 1000 were ever produced, combining automotive sophistication with unstoppable aggression. Just don’t expect every single one to have revolving licence plates like 007’s…

Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder Vintage Cars

Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder

The most expensive and possibly the most famous Ferrari ever produced. To some people, this is ‘that’ car in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but it is so much more than just a car from a film. Produced in the late fifties and early sixties, auction prices regularly finish in the millions, with one of the more exclusive models selling at a Paris auction last year for a staggering £12.1 million. The California Spider was to help establish the Prancing Horse in the US market, hence the ‘California’ add-on, and with only 106 ever manufactured, owning one makes you a part of a very elite group.

So there are 3 of our favourite vintage cars that we think should be on every gentleman’s wishlist. Do you think we’ve missed out on an obvious one? Let us know @Cornerstone_HQ.

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