Hair Care Dos and Don’ts


We at Cornerstone like to make sure guys look their best every day, from head to toe. We’ve already talked about the best things to do (and avoid) when treating your skin, so the next in our list is hair. We’re sharing some of our top hair care dos and don’ts to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best.

Turn The Heat Down

Scalp and hair health is pivotal to getting a great, healthy shine on your hair. Our first tip for great hair care? Don’t scald or burn your head!

Turn the shower down a little when you’re washing your hair so as to not dry out your scalp, and don’t have your hairdryer on full-heat, full-power. Unless you have long hair, using a hairdryer properly isn’t that much faster anyway.

Excessive heat to your head/hair will dry your scalp out as well as potentially singeing your hair. It will also make the hair weaker, and prone to breakages.

t-shirt hair drying hair care do

T-shirts Not towels

Drying your hair goes down two routes: the high-heat hairdryer treatment, or the vigorous towel rub. Either way, the best thing for men’s hair is to dry it with a t-shirt. We know this may sound a little crazy, but your hair is weak when it’s wet and so the softer cotton means the hair is less likely to break, leaving your hair looking better for it.

Coconut oil hair care dos and dont's

Coconut Oil

This is a big hair care do; use coconut oil. Instead of the harsh chemicals that can accompany a lot of hair care products, this simple, natural alternative helps your head do a number of things:

• Stimulate hair growth/slow down hair loss
• Promote scalp health
• Moisturise dry hair
• Add shine and softness to your hair
• Prevent breakages

Not bad for a humble plant oil.

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Wax? Gel? Shampoo

Our last hair care do is a simple but oft-forgotten tip; if you use product in your hair, wash it out! Leaving product in your hair too long will not only make your hair greasy looking, but some products will also clog your pores, meaning spots will break out on your head… Not a good look. As with everything though, washing your hair too much will weaken the hair, as you’re washing away the natural oils designed to protect your hair.

So here are a few simple tips to keep your hair looking its best! Have you got any hair care dos and don’ts that you’d like to share with us? Let us know at @Cornerstone_HQ!

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